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GO Launcher EX Butterfly-release

थीम आईडी:
GO Launcher
आकार का:
3.30 MB


GO Launcher EX Butterfly-release Android थीम

GO Launcher EX Butterfly works only with GO Launcher EX, if you don't have it, download for free from Google Play.

Style application helps You to customization and personalization your GO Launcher EX.

Everything has been designed specifically for people who love blue, aquamarine and cyan colors.

If you love blue color in your device, You'll love from heart, blue butterfly skin for launcher.

This theme is about cute and sweet butterfly, star blues and animals like butterfly. Make Your android world more blue - brighter, clear, brilliant and compelling. This theme with great wallpapers and icons for best app home launcher ever!

This is a new cute skin for GO Launcher Theme Butterflies = flowers, sweet, and blue, lazur them designed specially for girls style. If you like cats or dogs or other cute animals theme we hope that you will be also love this blue style.

To apply the theme:

1. Download Go Launcher EX from Google Play Market

2. Press menu on phone

3. Press 'themes'

4. Press the GO Launcher EX Butterfly

To change the wallpaper:

1. Press Menu

2. Press Wallpaper

3. Press Wallpaper GO.

4. Press Wallpaper that you like

To change the icons:

1. Press and hold icon where you want to change icon

2. Press 'Replace'

3. Press icon that you like

Sweet turquoise, caribbean blue of and azure color surely captivate you! It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman..., just try this nice theme, download and colorize your device with sweety flowers and butterflies. Feel like you are now in heaven, be happy every time when you use your device!

Disclaimer: this application use interstitial ads and banners.

Check other our GOLauncher EX Themes, GO SMS Pro Themes, and GO Locker, free themes.

Themes are published all the time so check our developer account regularly.

Style was created by WorkshopTheme

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  • फोन / ब्राउज़र: Dorado WAP-Browser


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  • फोन / ब्राउज़र: E5

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